PTCL Tax Certificate

PTCL Tax Certificate can be used as a withholding tax certificate. Its purpose is to refund your tax payments while submitting your income tax at the end of the tax period. Withholding taxes are paid to governments indirectly through our payments, and we can claim them back or adjust them with our income tax dues.

If you’re here, you are searching for the PTCL WHT Certificate. PTCL provides an easy option for getting this job done while sitting in your home. All you have to do is go to their Withholding Tax Page and fill in the required details.

Check PTCL Withholding Tax Statement:

  • Select your service, whether it is Landline or Evo/Charji.
  • Choose your area code and enter your PTCL phone number (Like: ”3712345”).
  • Then enter your account id; you can get that from your Ptcl bill.
  • After that, select the period for which you want your certificate to be. In Pakistan tax period generally is from July 1 to June 30 of next year.
  • Finally, fill in the captcha code and click the ”Inquire Tax” button. 


After completing all the steps mentioned above, you can download your PTCL withholding tax certificate from the next page and use it to claim funds by submitting your income tax online and adjusting it with your income tax payable for that year. Make sure to collect all of the tax receipts you have paid this year from other companies like Jazz, Ufone, UBL etc.

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