PTCL Netflix – Monthly Packages in Pakistan

You can take Netflix’s monthly subscription on your PTCL connection. You have to pay through PTCL monthly bill (no need for a Credit card). Following are the packages you can choose from:

Basic PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
Monthly Price*Rs. 950/-Rs. 1200/-Rs. 1500/-
Video Resolution480p1080p4K+ HDR
No. of Screens124

*Prices can be subject to change.

Get Netflix through PTCL connection:

  • Call 1218 if you don’t have a PTCL internet connection and if you have one, visit this link.
  • Fill in the required information in the given form, like your Account ID and your Landline number with area code (like:042-3712345).
  • In the end, click on the ‘Get Netflix!‘ button.
  • This form will redirect you to Netflix’s official website, where you can select your monthly package or plan and create your Netflix account.

**If you want to purchase through a credit card, then click here.
***Not want to involve PTCL for Netflix monthly subscription? You can also buy it through Netflix’s official site (it may be at a low price).

Cancel PTCL Netflix Membership:

Before the 30th date of each month, you can cancel your membership by signing in to your Netflix account, then go to the “Your Account” option and click on the “Cancel Membership” option.

****PTCL Flash Fiber users can get a Netflix membership with their high-speed internet package (even free for a 250 Mbps internet package).


Is Netflix on PTCL free?
No, You have to pay for this in your monthly PTCL bill. If you’re using PTCL Flash Fiber internet of 250 Mbps speed, you can get Netflix for free with other video Content apps.

How can I open my PTCL Netflix?
Call 1218 or fill out the form on the PTCL website.

How much is monthly Netflix in Pakistan?
Through PTCL, packages are from 950-1500 Pakistani rupees. However, you can buy a monthly package on Netflix directly from the price range of 250-1,100 rupees.

Is Netflix 1st month free in Pakistan?
Currently, there is no free offer ongoing by Netlfix company in Pakistan.

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