PTCL Complaint

You can register a new PTCL Complaint or check the status of your old PTCL Online complaint quickly. If you’re facing issues with your PTCL telephone service or your PTCL internet is not working correctly, or you may need help regarding any other services related to the PTCL company, you are at the right place.
You can easily be in touch with PTCL customers care representatives. PTCL provides many ways to register your PTCL complaints (like the PTCL Complaint Number service) and can give feedback about their services.

Methods to register PTCL Complaint:

There are six methods to complain about PTCL Services to the company representatives, which are discussed below:

1-PTCL Complaint via Phone:

If your internet is not working properly, you can call on PTCL Helpline number at any time to solve your issues. PTCL Helpline number is “1218”. You can call this number through your landline number or mobile number. After waiting a few minutes, your call will be connected with a PTCL representative.

2-PTCL Complaint via Sms:

You can also register your complaint by sending an SMS to the PTCL Helpline number, as shown in the picture below. We will guide you step by step on how to do this:

  • Open your SMS application on your mobile.
  • Type “CMP” (without commas) And give space.
  • Then write your area code and Landline number together like this (0423712345). And give space again.
  • Type your PTCL’s Product code (“BB” for Broadband connection and “LL” for Landline connection).
  • Then send the SMS to this number (0512181218).

(Format Example: CMP 0423712345 BB)

  • After your SMS has been sent, you will receive a Complaint Registration number.
  • Or you can simply write “Help” and send it to the same number(05 1218 1218).

In Urdu:

3-PTCL Complaint via Live Chat:

Another way to contact PTCL support providers in real-time and get your issues resolved is through the PTCL Live Chat option. But this service is not 24/7. Live support agents are available only from 9 Am to 9 Pm from Monday to Saturday.

Method to do PTCL Live Chat:

  • Go to this page.
  • Click on the ‘+‘ sign as shown in the image below.

  • A new form will open asking for your details. After filling out the form, click on the ‘Start Chat‘ button.
  • After some wait, a support member will connect with you.

You can register your complaint or share your issues regarding the PTCL services from here(PTCL Complaint Online Chat).

4-PTCL Complaint Register Online:

You can register your PTCL online complaint via the online form provided by the PTCL company.Follow the steps to register your PTCL Complaint:

  • Go to this page.
  • Select the Product in which you are facing an issue like choose the ‘Telephone’ option if your call service is not working correctly.
  • Now select the type of issue from the ‘complaint type’ option.
  • Now enter your city code and your PTCL number in the following box.
  • Then write your active email in the Email box.
  • Then fill the captcha code in the last box.
  • In the end, click on the ‘Submit‘ button.

Don’t forget to save your Complaint number. It will help you check your PTCL Complaint status (or PTCL internet complaint, PTCL broadband complaint, Online Complaint PTCL, PTCL online Complaint Register).

5-PTCL Complaint via Email:

You can email the PTCL support staff in case of any complaint. Be professional and write your email in a formal language and avoid abusive words in the email. Following are the PTCL support emails provided by the company:

[email protected]

[email protected]

6-PTCL Complaint via PTCL Whatsapp:

You can register your complaint through the PTCL Complaint Whatsapp number. Save their official Whatsapp number ‘03312181218‘ and send them ‘Hi‘ to get a quick response. You can get other services through this like:

  • Know your PTCL Bill
  • Check your PTCL Complaint status
  • Get a new PTCL service
  • Download apps
  • Watch video tutorials

If you want to check your PTCL internet speed, we provide you with our PTCL Speed Test tool. It will tell you your Download Speed, Upload Speed and Ping of your internet connection.

Check your PTCL Complaint Status:

You can check your PTCL Complaint status by visiting this page and following these steps:

  • Choose the product about which your complaint is registered.
  • Select your City code and enter your PTCL number in the box.
  • Now enter your PTCL Complaint number provided to you after filing the complaint.
  • In the end, click on the ‘View Status‘ button.

Feedbacks and Suggestions:

You can give any feedback to the PTCL company by visiting this page. Also, if you have any suggestions, you can email them at this email id:
[email protected]‘.

PTCL Registered Office:

Corporate Headquarters, Block-E, G-8/4,

Islamabad-44000, Pakistan.

Corporate Customer Centers:

PTCL F-8 Exchange
Nazim-Ud-Din Road
F-8/1, Islamabad
PTCL Complaint number Islamabad:  111 20 20 20
Ground Floor, EVP Office,
Hatim Alvi Road, Clifton, Karachi.
PTCL Complaint number Karchi: 111 20 20 20
26A Civic Centre
Barkat Market, Garden Town, Lahore.
PTCL Complaint number Lahore: 111 20 20 20

PTCL Helpline: 1218

New service requirement or purchase assistance1218
To Update Directory Inquiry0800 0 1217
OSS Helpline111 28 28 28 
Corporate Helpline1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information1200
Inquiry or directory services1217
Complaint registration or help on any fault1218
Assistance on all services1218


Is the PTCL helpline free?
Yes, you can call on 1218 through your PTCL Landline number.

How do you call 1218?
You can call on this number through your mobile or Landline number.

How can I call PTCL customer care from mobile?
Call on 1218.

How can I get a duplicate PTCL bill?

Go to the PTCL Duplicate Bill page and enter your PTCL phone no. and PTCL Account ID, which you can get from your old PTCL bill.

How can I use the PTCL number on WhatsApp?
No, you can’t use your PTCL number as your Whatsapp number.

How to submit your complaint with WhatsApp?
Save this number ‘03312181218′ on your Whatsapp and send ‘Hi’ to them.

How can you complain about PTCL Online?
Click on this link to register your complaint online.

Who is the CEO of PTCL?
The current CEO of PTCL is Hatem Bamatraf.

How can I contact PTCL?
There are six ways to contact the PTCL Support team discussed in this article.

How do I register a complaint on WhatsApp?
Send ‘Hi’ to this Whatsapp number: ‘03312181218‘. They will guide you further as it is PTCL complaint number from mobile.

Is the PTCL WhatsApp self-service free?

Yes, you can send them msg on WhatsApp if you have an internet connection.

How to register a complaint?
You can register your complaint by various methods described on this page. PTCL Complaint email is [email protected].

How to check complaint status?
You can quickly check your complaint status by visiting this link.


We’ve described six methods to register your PTCL complaint and the method of checking your Complaint status in this article. You can contact them through phone, SMS, Live Chat, internet form, WhatsApp number, or email. We’ve also mentioned their helpline numbers and support office addresses. We hope these options will work out for everyone.